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 Partner on Real Estate Deals With Brian T. Evans Jr.

The truth is...I choose to teach people how to invest in real estate for ONE reason: I'm looking for real estate investing partners - i.e. qualified people who want a partner (me) that knows how to invest in real estate the right way (not the reality TV way), who has their back, and knows how to make real money from real estate in weeks or months, rather than years or decades. 

As you already know, there is only so much you can learn and accomplish on your own.  The transformation happens when you see the business in operation.  When you are able to touch it and witness it first hand, because that will give you the underlying confidence you need to succeed.

Fact is, real estate investing is primarily a local business model, which means, to be very successful at it you must invest within a 30-60 minute radius of where you live.  Exceed this geographic footprint and you'll struggle greatly. 

The solution is a program I created called Partnership Profits, where I work directly with partners across the nation who implement my proven business model where they live, we do deals together and split profits 50/50 on every deal we do. 

Let me first and foremost address the ELEPHANT in the room, which is money to participate.  Please understand, you CAN’T just buy into the Partnership Profits Program.  You must apply and interview to work with me personally.  And I do not accept everyone. 

Keep reading and I'll explain how we can work together step by step,

If you like what you hear and you want to Apply then simply click the link below.

First and foremost I only work with people that I can get along with, and people that have a sincere desire to invest in real estate to improve their lives and to also help the people they work with.

Currently I have private clients whom I teach how to invest in real estate where they live.  And in exchange for my time, risk, energy, materials, systems, my staff and money, I help them establish a working business, and in return they agree to split their deal profits with me 50/50 (straight down the middle for a period of time).

In a nutshell that’s what this is all about: doing deals and making money. 

A fair good faith deposit will be required if accepted, but I’ll immediately give that back to you after you close your first deal with me.

Just recently, with my help, one of my clients just got 15 properties under contract with about 50% equity combined.  Average value is about $65k.  Close to 1M total value.  Debt is about $500k.  So depending on how we sell this we are looking at around $500k cash when we exit which is $250k each.  Not bad, right?

The information that I will share with you, if you become a partner works like a charm, and therefore it is extremely confidential, and very private to me and my clients.

I can personally guarantee that there is not another opportunity or program that is exactly like this anywhere on the planet, and frankly I want to keep it that way.     

I want to prove to you…that real estate investing, in my mind, should be the number one business choice for you and every entrepreneur.

Why is this? 

  • First of all because we all live in real estate, work in it, vacation in it, eat in it, sleep in it, and breath in it.
  • Because home ownership is the American dream, and it always will be.
  • Because it’s the only thing that banks lend money on.
  • Because it can be purchased without money – just a piece of paper and the words out of your mouth is all you really need. 
  • Because the grass truly is greener over here than anywhere else in the world.
  • Because it’s an easy business model to grasp (and if you can’t make money in this business then you probably can’t make money in any business.
  • Because it can create cash and wealth at the same time, and it doesn’t require your money, credit, risk, a license or any previous experience to be successful.

So, if you've ever wanted to invest in real estate or ever struggled to make real estate investing work for you, then the plan that I will reveal to you here is without a doubt, the path of least resistance, and from my perspective is virtually guaranteed to get you making money investing in real estate BECAUSE I'M DOING THE DEALS WITH YOU, and I know what I’m doing.

You’re about to discover that the more successful that I can make you, then the more money you’ll make and the more money I’ll make too. 


  • Because we’ll be splitting the profits right down the middle.
  • And it can’t get more fair then that, right.
  • I’ll get paid only when you get paid.

Write this down…the secret to what I’m looking for with only a select few people is 1 simple thing: a RELATIONSHIP.

Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich" said something about relationships that I want to read to you. 

He said, “Most of us are incapable of “going at it alone. Whether it is in our careers, in our personal relationships, or in life, we all need others if we are to achieve the level of success we desire. Besides, what’s the point of having it all if we have no one we care about to share it with? You may choose to work with others, you may ignore them, or you may choose to work against them. But, when your personal goals are equal with those of another, not only does the power of your combined labors benefit you, but such cooperation also creates a synergistic effect that allows you to achieve far more than the simple sum of your individual efforts. The greatest successes in life come to those who work in a harmonious relationship with others.”

I only want a relationship with you if…

  • It is 100% equal on both sides and is a guaranteed to be a win-win.
  • It can make you money and make me money.
  • It is built on trust, hard work, and fun.
  • If you’ve never had a relationship like this, then this one could quite possibly change your current lifestyle and retirement lifestyle forever.

Let me tell you some scary facts that I found.

Some of these you might even be able to relate to, if so then it is a darn good thing we've met.

  • Money disputes are the number 1 cause of divorce in this country.
  • Lack of money is the #1 cause of worry for people.
  • Having too much debt is the #2 cause of worry for people.
  • 46% of people lose sleep at night due to money worries.
  • 43% of people have less than $10k in savings for retirement.
  • In a private survey, people admitted that they don’t want to think about retirement.

If you don’t start to do something about your retirement now then one day you’ll wake up with regret and suddenly learn that you are too old to do anything about it.

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t have enough money to be able to live the life they want?

Personally, I think there are two reasons:

  1. Because they don’t know about, or have a vehicle for making money.
  2. They don’t put the vehicle in drive and step on the gas to make it go.

Personally, I am extremely blessed that I found my vehicle early in life, but it wasn’t easy. 

And it didn’t find me…I found it.

I remember I was searching for something, and when I learned about real estate investing something clicked and I knew right away that I found the vehicle that would support me for the rest of my life.

Now I’m a 2-time best selling author.  I’ve personally closed hundreds of real estate deals in my hometown of Lexington, KY over the past 10 years and I’ve generated Millions of Dollars since I started.

Now I’m expanding my business on a national scale and I want to do deals where you live. 

And I’m either going to do them with you or without you.  Preferably with you, IF you are the right person.

I’ll split the profits with you straight down the middle 50/50. 

Example: If we buy a house for $200k and sell it for $250k then we each get $25k! It's that simple.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way that I'm more vested and committed to your success than if we are partners doing deals together and splitting the profits right down the middle! Can you?

I'll help you and have your back as needed on each deal, and also keep you accountable and out of trouble.


Pretty cool, huh! 

I'm talking straight down the middle 50/50 per deal profit splits.

Here’s How This Relationship Works.

There are 3 Phases... 

Phase 1: Get You Trained     

I'll give you the exact training materials that I use to train my personal staff with in my local investing business.  Which means that you'll know how to buy and sell any type of property in any price range, area, condition or situation by following only 3 simple steps.

You’ll learn how to get over the hurdle of closing your first deal (which is the hardest deal you’ll ever do).

If you’re accepted into this program with me I’ll give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Why would I do this?  SIMPLE! – Since we’re splitting deal profits– your level of success is directly proportionate to how much money I make too.

Therefore you and everyone else in my Partnership Profits program will always be #1 priority clients, and you’ll always have my undivided attention.

Unlike other trainers who might intentionally hold stuff back and try to up-sell you later, my thought process is quite different.

I’m giving you the best of me – right from the start – because I want you to do deals quickly so we can get paid together! 

Make sense?

You'll never be alone in this business. 

So, If you are hungry to make 6-7 figures and you are ready, willing, and able to be my eyes and ears on the ground where you live, then I'll take care of the rest, and like magic we should close deals!

During Phase 1: You’ll have 30 days to go through and learn the materials at your convenience.

After completion of training you must take and pass a little test to verify your basic proficiency (aka, to make sure you went through the training materials).

Once you pass this test we’ll move you to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Get Your Business Systems Set Up

We will give you and help you set up the following things:

  • Website for Buying houses
  • Website for Selling houses
  • Websit for Private Lenders
  • CRM Database
  • Phone system for taking calls from sellers
  • Phone system for taking calls from buyers
  • Marketing plan attracting sellers, buyers and private lenders.

FYI, these are the exact same websites and back office management system that I use in my personal business.

If you are serious about investing in real estate then you have to have these systems in place.

We will set up, host, manage, and support you with these systems in your business.  You will be required to help me cover the fees for these services, which is dirt cheap in the big picture. 

Bottom line is, you need these tools one way or another. 

And since these are the exact same I use and that work for me, I know they’ll work for you too.

Once all your systems are in place – which should only take about a week – you’ll move to the final phase which is Phase 3.

Phase 3: Turn It On & Make Money

This is your business, and you are 100% responsible for its operation, which includes any overhead and marketing expenses of your choosing.  I recommend at least a monthly marketing budget of $500. 

This is not a Done-For-You relationship.  You have to implement and be my eyes and ears on the ground where you live, and I will guide, instruct, and be a voice for you on deals when needed.

For the record, this is the exact same way I run my personal investing business.

I’m there to guide and instruct and be a voice on deals when needed, but your job is to implement. 

This is exactly how we’ll work together.

Because there is only one reason to go into business for yourself – so your business can support you – not the other way around.

Ok, lets keep going…

There are many types of investing strategies that we can focus on, but the plan is to start by focusing on 2-3 that should allow us to get paid the quickest.

You will be required to submit periodic reports that shows me the #’s of your business.

For the record, these are the exact same numbers and reports that I look at in my personal investing business. 

This way I know what’s working, what’s not, and what we need to do to get deals closed, asap.

I will hold periodic LIVE group calls with everyone in this Program.  

On these calls I’ll will discuss some of the numbers and deals from your reports, I’ll help you set a plan for the rest of the week, I’ll share what’s happening in my personal business, and I’ll answer questions live.

Once you are in Phase 3 – you’ll be able to schedule 1-on-1 deal calls with me anytime and as often as you need.

The way this works is, I’ll give you access to my personal calendar so you can schedule your call with me based on availability.

You must schedule these calls at least one day in advance and each call is a maximum of 15 minutes.

When one of your deals becomes close to closing we refer to this as a “High Priority Deal” and we may reach out to you personally without scheduling to help ensure its success.

The length of time that we will work together is for a 12 month committment, that renews annually.  If you choose not to renew annually, you don't have to, but most do.  

With all that being said, my number one goal is to make you a very successful real estate investor. 

Because the more successful that I can make you, the more money you’ll make and the more money I’ll make because we’ll be splitting the profits 50/50.   

Here’s what this will do for you:

  • Close your first deal which gets you paid quickly.
  • Close subsequent deals which get you paid consistently.
  • Have a full time investor who’s in the trenches everyday, helping you personally who is honestly committed to your success because I get paid when you get paid.
  • Have a fast track plan to quit your job if you want to.
  • Get control of your life and start living on your terms.
  • Start being happy again.
  • Make more money and pay less tax.
  • Avoid costly problems trying to do this business alone.
  • Pay off creditors and sleep well at night.
  • Build equity for a peaceful retirement.

My goal is that you’ll never be alone in this business, and you’ll have everything you need to make it work for you.

All you need to do is be my eyes and ears on the ground where you live and I’ll help take care of the rest and like magic we should close deals and make money.

Listen…I can do this business blindfolded

Doing deals is the easy part. 

The hard part is finding motivated, teachable, and trustworthy people to implement my proven real estate strategies and share the wealth!  

So as you can probably tell, I’ve put a lot of careful thought and planning into this program, and it is working better than I have expected...which is also why I can’t accept everyone into it.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and accomplished personally and created a program the allows me to essentially duplicate myself (as long as I have the right trustworthy people in place).  

I’d like to share a letter that one of my clients wrote.

This is just one of the hundreds of letters I have received from people I’ve worked with in real estate.  This letter is from Elizabeth Lisk.  She’s from Lake Forest, IL.  She was an Interior Designer turned Full Time Real Estate Investor, and if she can do it, so can you…Trust me!    

Brian: I am writing you to share two of my most recent closings. Not only did I have them bought and sold in the same day… I also had it scheduled at my attorney’s office all at the exact same time! So, I had 2 buys, then 2 sells within minutes from one another! Here’s how the two deals broke down: The first property was a house that I bought for 195,000 and sold for 252,000. This is the most profitable deal to date as I had a net of $42, 763.33!!!  I put the house on the market to find my end buyer, and within 1 week I had a buyer for the house, (I was so excited). So, at the end of the day, on this house I spent approximately 40 hours tops on it, which equates to an hourly rate of $1069.98 per hour on this deal~ not bad!   Deal 1 Numbers: I bought it for: $195,000; Sold for: $257,000; Net Profit: $42,763.33; Hours of work: 40; Hourly Rate: $1069.98   On my second property, it was just as sweet, it is a condo in downtown Chicago.  I netted $13,867.33 for 10 hours of work! It was little work for an hourly rate of $1386.73.  I had my end buyer in place within 3 weeks of marketing it.   Deal 2 Numbers: I bought for: $110,000.00; Sold for: $138,500.00; Hours of work: 10; Hourly Rate: $1385.00   So at the end of the day I bought and sold 2 houses, closed at the same time in different rooms, and walked away with $56,630.66. It was a very good day. Brian, you’re system, and advice along the way was so helpful in getting these deals done.  You have a great ability to breakdown the business for me to what is most important and focus on getting it done, or solving the problem, or finding out what the root of the challenge is and then finding a way to solve it. Thank you for the confidence you’ve instilled in me. You continually inspire me to get to the next level.  I am so happy!   Best Regards, Elizabeth Lisk Chicago, IL

Just like with Elizabeth, my plan with you is to move heaven and hearth to get you doing deals so we both make money with this partnership. 

Here’s What To Do Next

Again, I want to reiterate…you CAN’T buy into this program.

You have to apply and here’s how that works.

Time is of the essence with this opportunity, because I can only work with about 50 people at a time and I can’t guarantee everyone a spot.

The application process is pretty simple…answer a few questions in the application and then we'll talk privately on the phone.

When we talk, I'll ask you a few more questions, you can ask me some questions, and if we BOTH think that WE are a good fit then you’re in.  If not then we’ll part ways as friends, no harm no foul.

If accepted, I will require a good faith deposit (refundable on our first deal together) from you to secure your commitment to me and this program.

With this deposit - I’ll also offer a full 30-day unconditional refund deposit guarantee.   ·      If for any reason or no reason you change your mind during the first 30 days, I’ll happily send you all your good faith deposit money back – no questions asked.

And honestly, the good fait deposit shouldn’t matter to you – because on the very first deal that we close together I’ll give you 100% of that deposit back in full.

If I’m willing to give this deposit back to you then why do I require a good faith deposit in the first place?

One reason only:  For Good Faith!

My friend, this literally is as serious as it gets, and if you aren't willing to put up a fair and reasonable financial deposit, then I know I'll never see a mental commitment from you because you'll have no skin in the game…and as a result you'll probably give up way too easy, and then we'll never close a deal where you live…and a tremendous amount of my money, time, and energy will have been wasted…and this is not cool…Make sense?

If we are a good fit, then I'll even give you the option of paying your deposit in monthly installments if it helps, because in actuality this isn't about the deposit.  It’s only about making money on the deals we do together. 

Therefore the most important goal in my mind is to find the right motivated partners (hopefully like you) to turn into “successful” real estate investors, because I’ll get paid when you get paid!

This is as fair as you’ll ever find it.

To apply, click here.

Complete the questions, and follow the instructions for setting up a call to talk privately with me. 

Everyone who has an interest in real estate investing, in my opinion, can and should apply for this.

It truly is a no brainer. 

Here are your options

Do nothing...this is the path of least resistance, isn’t it?

When you do nothing, what are you guaranteed to get?...Nothing. 

If this is you then good luck buying those lottery tickets.  But hey, at least doing nothing right now doesn’t hurt so bad, because when you do nothing you don’t have to do anything.

Reality is, this is the most expensive choice you can make. 

And truthfully that’s the choice that most peoplle make. 

And that’s ok with me, because it won’t affect me whether you take action or not. 

However it will affect you.

Your second choice is to try to learn what I know in a cheaper way. 

Frankly, that’s impossible.

You can’t go through life without getting exposed to real estate.

Do you think it makes sense for you to apply today so you’re guaranteed to do it right (if you're accepted), rather than risk money later hoping you don’t do something wrong.

It’s not just an investment to make money, it is also insurance to save money from your mistakes.

There is no way, you can get off cheaper than this.

Also, what about all those deals you’re going to throw in the trash can because you can’t see how to do them?

Heck, I even make money on the deals I don't buy...and I'll show you how.

Everytime you don’t make an offer on a piece of property because you don’t know how, you are wasting tens of thousands of dollars just because you are not sure if you should apply today. 

Does that make good business sense to you?

No of course not.  

I want you to apply for this!   

There is no risk whatsoever to apply.   

Click Here To Apply Right Now.

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